Ridgerunner Outfitters

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Ridgerunner Outfitters is a retailer specializing in supplying outdoor enthusiasts. But we’re not talking “short hike on a sunny day” nature lovers. Ridgerunner’s audience was hard-core, hunting-before-dawn, even-if-it’s-10-degrees-and-sleeting masochists. This was L.L. Bean . . . on steroids. And Ridgerunner needed to really speak to that state of mind, while selling some of the world’s most impressive (and expensive) outdoor clothing and gear.


We created impossible-to-ignore displays featuring bold headlines that captured the old-school, tough-as-nails personality that so many of Ridgerunner’s brands stood for, from Filson to Woolrich. 


The signs got attention, got laughs and most importantly, got sales for the local retailer.