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Decades after Prohibition ended, moonshine is back—and better than ever. Onyx Moonshine, the first legally produced moonshine in Connecticut, is a far cry from the backwoods stills people associate with the spirit. And Onyx Spirits Co., maker of Onyx Moonshine, needed help spreading the word about its ultra-premium product.


Onyx Spirits Co. prides itself in handcrafting its moonshine in small batches, using only the highest-quality grains and pure Connecticut spring water. To get the media, cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders buzzing about Onyx Moonshine, we underscored the quality of the product and emphasized the company’s local roots.


In a short period of time, Onyx has become one of the fastest-selling spirits in Connecticut and is now available in Rhode Island and Massachusetts—and soon New York. Through a mix of local and national media placements, numerous event sponsorships, and award-winning creative, Onyx has become a household name among its target audiences.

Onyx has enjoyed a burst of publicity, “shining” in numerous media outlets that include The New York Times, Bloomberg TV, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, and Caskers Blog. Additionally, it received the top creative accolade at the 2013 Advertising Club of Connecticut awards competition for its blend of clever headlines and striking visuals.