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Tommy oversees the agency’s media team, composed of strategists, buyers and analysts. The team is responsible for strategy and campaign implementation and reporting across all paid media channels. Tommy works closely with clients to create innovative and successful media strategies, using a combination of forward-looking targeting technologies.

Tommy’s experience helps him gain a holistic understanding of each client’s business, including their goals and challenges, and deliver a comprehensive strategy that works to exceed objectives.

Prior to his time at Adams & Knight he spent many years leading the strategy teams at MNI. He played important roles in the development of several of MNI’s proprietary digital technologies and led the charge in campaign strategy and buying for their clients.  

Client Experience

What awards/recognition do you value most?

I think the recognition I enjoy most is seeing members of my team receive recognition. Knowing how hard everyone works and seeing people you manage grow in their roles and achieve success provides me more satisfaction than anything else.

What traits help you succeed?

Confidence, Passion and Drive.

What motivates you?

Success. Both personally and as an agency. My ultimate motivation is working towards driving both myself and the agency to be successful in everything that we do.

How do you hold it together when things get stressful?

Laughter. I find in the most stressful moments I try to smile and laugh to myself. This is something I have always done to calm my nerves and remind myself everything is going to be alright.

How have your roots contributed to who you are today?

I was raised in a very blue-collar family with a family-owned business. Watching my parents work as hard as they did to be successful and being put to work at a young age provided me with a strong work ethic and drive that has helped me my entire life.

What would people find most surprising about you?

I have many fun facts, but something that always surprises people is that both of my parents are twins. I am the oldest child in my family and the reason they named me Thomas is the name means Twin.

Your favorite motto, quote, saying?

Success is never owned. Only rented. Rent is due every day. 

– Rory Vaden

What is the most important legacy you hope to leave?

Being a great father and husband. I cherish every moment I have with my kids and I think the most important legacy for me would be to be seen as a role model by them.