How To Spread Enthusiasm With PR In An Age Of Crises

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How can PR campaigns respond to the current precarious state of the world?


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We asked our PR and growth experts to give entrepreneurs examples of positive PR campaigns amid scary world news. Check out their tips on how to spread enthusiasm with PR activities in times of a negative outlook on world events.

Tell Me Something Good

Michelle Bonner, Director of Public Relations at Adams & Knight

“Our PR department designed a couple of initiatives that addresses this question…

In both cases below, the stations were looking to break up the ‘negative’ news with something positive… so, “Tell Me Something Good” and the “Connecticut Bucket List” were born…

This collaboration enhanced our PR relationships, becoming even more robust…

Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut

This ongoing earned media partnership with WRCH-FM (Lite 100.5) was created for the sole purpose of breaking up the negative news cycle — The segment called “Tell Me Something Good About Connecticut,” which airs Tuesday mornings at 8:10 a.m. is a way to help tell more good news stories about the state of Connecticut on a regular basis. The Connecticut Office of Tourism/Adams & Knight provides the radio station with weekly positive stories about Connecticut, including stories about interesting businesses, upcoming events, and new tourism attractions. The segment is also posted on the station’s website each week.

Tell me Something Good About Connecticut was started 5 years ago … and it’s become such a staple of enthusiasm … something that people look forward to every week. It’s rare that something like this would last as long as it has… but it really illustrates how much people need something good to hear. And when the news cycle is so negative, having something that consistently generates a positive moment in the state where you live, it becomes a part of something bigger.

Connecticut Bucket List

This Ongoing earned media partnership with FOX61 was also created as way to share more good news stories and drive in-state tourism by encouraging residents to share what’s on their Connecticut Bucket List (#CTBucketList). The Connecticut Office of Tourism/Adams & Knight provides content ideas, ideas for features, and access to thought leaders for interviews. We also promote the partnership via social, email and the website. FOX61 heavily promotes the program, tourism in the state, and the website on air and in their social feeds. The program includes seasonal launches (winter #CTBucket List, Fall #CTBucketList, Summer #CTBucketList, Spring #CTBucketList) and week-long promotion on FOX61’s morning show during their sweeps weeks. This imitative was started in 2018 and, again the longevity of it really underscores how much people want and appreciate those good stories… especially where they live.

“We are incredibly proud of these campaigns that have really become something to look forward to.”