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We know that to get travel consumers to act, you must first get them to feel. So we help consumer brands connect on an emotional level with their audiences. And, in the process, create integrated campaigns for all types of B-to-C accounts.


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11 data-driven insights for successful tourism marketing

In the world of travel and tourism, effective marketing strategies can make all the difference in attracting and engaging potential visitors. Here are 11 data-driven insights that…

Adams & Knight Wins Multiple Travel Awards from International Marketing Competitions

Avon, Conn., (April 17, 2023) – Adams & Knight, one of New England’s leading integrated marketing agencies, has recently received multiple travel awards from international…

Adams & Knight Wins Big at Prestigious Travel Industry Awards

Avon, Conn., (March 24, 2023)  Adams & Knight, one of the region’s leading integrated marketing agencies, was recently honored with seven Adrian Awards, including one gold by the…

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Super Bowl advertising 2022 | What to watch for

Every year, Super Bowl ads are the same in many ways: over-the-top, celebrity-strewn and for the most part, silly and forgettable. (Go ahead, try to name your favorites from just last year.) But each crop also differs from the previous one, too, in themes that emerge based on current events. What to expect this year? Look for these three trends…

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The fuel for great creativity? Find out what matters most to consumers. Then turn those insights into ideas that can spark results.

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Listen as members of our creative team talk about the strategic thinking that went into creating Mystic Seaport’s successful “Earn Your Sea Legs” campaign.