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Adams & Knight is an integrated marketing agency that is passionate about working with brands that help enhance the total well-being of others. There’s no greater good that comes from marketing, than helping others lead physically, financially, emotionally healthier lives.


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So You Want to Intern in Advertising…

On every personality questionnaire you describe yourself as “creative.” You secretly light up when your professor tells your group to brainstorm. You’re “the idea guy” in your marketing classes. Now just one semester away from graduation, I am just like you…

POSTED BY: Pat Dugan

Super Bowl Advertising 2022 | What to Watch For

Every year, Super Bowl ads are the same in many ways: over-the-top, celebrity-strewn and for the most part, silly and forgettable. (Go ahead, try to name your favorites from just last year.) But each crop also differs from the previous one, too, in themes that emerge based on current events. What to expect this year? Look for these three trends…

Adams & Knight Wins Best of Show at 66th Advertising Club of Connecticut Awards

Adams & Knight Wins Best of Show at 66th Advertising Club of Connecticut Awards
Leading integrated marketing agency takes home 43 awards across a range of industries and…

Adams & Knight Named Finalist for U.S. Travel Association’s Mercury Awards

“So Good To See You, Connecticut” digital campaign generates results, improves brand perceptions and drives business for hard-hit tourism industry

AVON, Conn., (Aug. 16, 2021) –

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Video is a great medium for telling great brand stories. Watch how we leveraged it for clients who want to connect with audiences in distinct market sectors, from financial services and government to sports and tourism.