aligning what brands say with what people want to hear

Start with a proven branding process.

Branding isn’t a marketing activity. To be successful, it has to be a corporate priority. So Adams & Knight has refined a proven process for helping organizations develop or refresh their brands — one that engages the right internal and external stakeholders at the right time in the right discussions. That process typically entails these key steps.

  • Brandscape Audit: What are we saying about ourselves now? What are our competitors touting? How are our target audiences responding?
  • Stakeholder Sparkstorm: What would we like to be known for?
  • Platform Development: How could we better articulate our brand differentiation?
  • Market Validation: How should we move forward?
  • Creative Execution: How will we bring our new brand platform to life creatively?

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Stand out by standing for something.

In everything we do, we help clients refine the most compelling, authentic way to express both the value and the uniqueness of their brand. That takes finding the magical intersection between what you want to say, what they want to hear, and what your competitors aren’t already saying ad nauseum. We call that passing the TRU test:

  • True to who you are
  • Relevant to what they care about
  • Unique from what your competitors already deliver


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Bring your brand to life creatively.

Of course, once you have your strategic brand positioning, you need a creative way to bring your brand differentiation to life at every touchpoint. We can help you develop the creative framework that will define your brand — your brand personality, your brand voice, your visual strategy, your brand cues. So even as your marketing campaigns change, there will be a consistent yet flexible creative platform that ties everything together.

Connecticut Office of Tourism

See how we brought to life the dynamic blend of eperiences Connecticut offers: the historic and the contemporary, the natural and the cultural, the relaxing and the active.



Branding Services

  • Branding research
  • Brand audits | brand health assessments
  • Branding strategy
  • Brand positioning development
  • Brand identity | brand architecture
  • Logo | tagline development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Creative platforms