Corporate Identity

differentiating your visual, verbal and sonic identity

Start with a differentiated brand platform.

Some organizations think that what they need is a new name or an updated logo when what they really should start with is a more differentiated brand positioning. So we begin every corporate identity assignment with a strategic assessment of the brand platform. If necessary, we can help with refining/refreshing the branding for an organization and/or its products and services — before we dive into developing a new brand identity system. We can also assess how all the organization’s branded service/product names integrate with the corporate brand and map out a more clearly defined brand architecture.

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Explore ample alternatives, then test.

Whether we’re coming up with a new name for a product or a new logo for an organization, we explore a variety of creative territories. But all of this exploration is strategically guided by the consensus we’ve built upfront with your team about:

  • what messages your brand identity needs to telegraph
  • who your branding needs to appeal to
  • what brand personality it should reflect
  • what attributes your branding needs to convey.

We also help clients narrow and test those alternatives to determine which direction best expresses your brand differentiation.


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Create living, breathing brand guidelines.

Too many times brand guidelines are published, but never read. Adams & Knight believes in creating truly useful brand guidelines that ensure the flexible yet consistent application of your brand identity. While tailored to fit the needs of each client, our brand guidelines cover much more than just how not to use your logo, including:

  • What you’ll say: messaging map
  • What personality you’ll convey: copy tone guidelines by channel
  • How you’ll sound: sonic branding guidelines/sound cues
  • How you’ll look: visuals/imagery direction
  • What advice you’ll give: thought leadership guidelines
  • What stories you’ll tell: content marketing/PR/social guidelines
  • How you’ll present yourself at different touchpoints: creative templates
  • How you’ll complement other brands: co-branding guidelines

Connecticut Innovations

Take a look at how we created a new branding for this quasi-state agency that truly expressed its brand differentiation.



Corporate Identity Design

  • Company names
  • Product naming | service naming
  • Brand architecture
  • Logo designs
  • Tagline development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand voice guidelines
  • Brand messaging map
  • Brand iconography/imagery
  • Corporate identity development
  • Corporate identity templates (business cards, presentations, signage)
  • Sonic branding