Council for Disability Awareness

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How do you build awareness for disability, a topic that younger workers simply don’t want to talk about? And how do you get 17 competing insurance companies to support and champion a common effort created to do just that? 


First, to get people to talk about this subject, we had to change the conversation. We didn’t even talk about disability. We presented everything in terms of something our target audiences cared about: their income.

We also needed to change the venue for this conversation. Not some boring insurance site. But a fun, engaging environment. So we created the Defend Your Income dojo—an online income defense center complete with interactive games, engaging calculators and online quizzes.

We also made it easy for others to share all this great content—with special portals for member companies, employers and independent advisors.


In just one year:

  • 33+ million print media impressions through earned media/consumer PR hits
  • nearly 8 million radio media impressions through a national radio media tour
  • more than 15 trade press major placements (bylined articles/feature stories)
  • more than 65,000 visits to the website
  • thousands of materials downloaded and shared by advisors and employers