Travelers: Sara Under Siege

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Most campaigns targeted at the independent agency distribution system focus on agency principals and agents. Yet, research had shown that CSRs most often make the primary decision about which companies to quote for each customers’ auto policy needs. The challenge here was fourfold:

  • Build buzz for the brand new Quantum Auto product among CSRs and independent agents.
  • Change the perception that Travelers will only accept customers with perfect driving records and financial histories.
  • Encourage independent agencies to feel “empowered” to compete against direct writers even on price, as long as they partnered with Travelers.
  • Increase quoting opportunities and sales of auto policies through independent agencies nationwide.


Throughout the campaign, CSRs and agents received six attention-getting emails from Travelers. Each included a link to the latest episode of “Sara Under Siege,” a serial animation featuring Sara, a competent but beleaguered CSR, and a motley crew of callers who needed auto insurance. By making the main character a CSR, we were able to position the new Quantum product as a true savior when it came to providing different types of customers with a competitive auto quote.


Each week that the campaign ran, we increased open rates. Each recipient also visited the Sara Under Siege website an average of five times, often to see specific episodes more than once. The character Captain Q was even turned into a figurine, a much-in-demand premium item at follow-up agency meetings around the country. In addition, at the conclusion of the email campaign, a poll of independent agents and customer service representatives responded with the following results:

  • 74% said they were likely to open another “Sara Under Siege” email.
  • 66% of agents said the campaign encouraged them to think differently about Travelers.
  • 67% reported they were more likely to quote Travelers auto policies to their clients.