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Amanda is a lifelong reader, with a love for a good story, well told. And that passion has played a big role in her career in content development, as she’s helped many brands engage their audiences by telling their own authentic stories.

Every day, you’ll find her collaborating with different teams at Adams & Knight to identify client needs and figure out the most effective and creative content marketing solutions for them — everything from long-form videos to social media campaigns. She also analyzes metrics and ROI…and adjusts accordingly.

Amanda also creates plenty of compelling content for us, too. She’s a producer of our award-winning podcast, What’s The Big Idea?, which dives into timely marketing topics.

Client Experience

What awards/recognition do you value most?

The Telly Awards that I’ve earned with my team over the past few years. I have one proudly displayed in my living room.

What do you find most fulfilling about your work?

When my work authentically reflects the intersection of people and their brand experiences, it connects with audiences in a way that’s really satisfying.

What traits help you succeed?

The proactive, collaborative, and creative nature of content marketing taps into my personality in a way that’s just right for me.

What motivates you?

Understanding the why behind a people’s needs, choices, and wants. It informs the strategies behind our best work, producing truly intentional content. 

How have your roots contributed to who you are today?

I’m a CT local and UConn grad, so I’ll always be a Nutmegger at heart. But I’m grateful for some incredible travel adventures and time spent living in Boston for the perspective it’s given my life and career. 

What activities do you enjoy?

DJing our agency outings and parties! You’ll find me in a different rock shirt every Friday.

Any special interests?

I love getting to know people not through their social posts, but face-to-face (preferably with wine). It’s so important that we share our experiences and ideas. I’ll never tire of hearing someone talk about what they love or where they’re heading.

Your favorite motto, quote, saying?

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”