City of Hartford: Feel the Beat

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The city of Hartford, Connecticut, had a perception problem. Despite a steady (and growing) current of youthful energy and vibrant attractions, many in the region still thought of Hartford as a 9-5 “insurance city” that emptied out when work hours ended.


They asked us to help change Harford’s image, beginning online. To complement a new website for the city that featured all kinds of content and inspiration for how to work and live in Hartford, we developed an online campaign of display and native advertising that targeted not just Connecticut residents, but young talent from New York City and Boston looking for more affordable urban living. Our campaign featured eye-opening facts about Hartford, paired with visuals that helped our audiences envision themselves having fun here.


The campaign caught fire with the people we wanted to see it. It generated more than 4.5 million impressions just from our digital advertising, and over 9,000 visits to our online campaign hub. Best of all, people looking for a new job or new place to live are responsible for 22% of total traffic so far.