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With knowledge that the state is often perceived as “old and stuffy”, the redesign and rebrand of the Connecticut tourism website,, aimed to dramatically change the state’s visual identity using a bolder, younger, edgier, and more diverse look and feel. And of course, it aimed to increase traffic to the site — and ultimately to Connecticut.


We recognized that this was an opportunity to reinvent a long-standing brand website. So, to accomplish our goals, we made a massive shift in our branding. We revised our color palette to something much more unexpected for Connecticut: orange and charcoal gray. We changed all imagery on our homepage as well as our photo selection process to include younger, edgier, and more diverse models. Our homepage was entirely redesigned to function by channels focusing on more progressive topics like LGBTQ+, multicultural, live music, adrenaline, nightlife, fashion, and more.


After just 3 months (July-Sept 2022), we saw exciting results: 

  • Website visits up 4% on a media budget reduced by 17%
  • Impressive traffic to the new themed boxes:
  • 67,000 visits to “CT Savor”
  • 15,000 visits to “CT Outdoors”
  • 12,000 visits to “CT Adrenaline Rush”
  • 7,300 visits to “CT LGBTQ+”
  • 4,500 visits to “CT Unplugged
  • 4,400 visits to “CT Casinos”
  • 2,300 visits to “CT Multicultural”
    • “Attractions” had an equivalent page before, and traffic up 55%
    • 21,000 visits to the new “Suite Dreams” box, up 50% over similar content pages on the old site