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“Employee engagement is absolutely critical to service-oriented organizations, especially in healthcare industry,” says Reem Nouh, SVP at Adams & Knight. Fact is, it’s an integral part of branding, recruitment and retention, patient experience and overall corporate culture.”

This is just one of the insights Reem shares in a recent podcast produced by Becker’s Healthcare, a national source of news and information for healthcare decision makers and one of the fastest-growing media platforms in the industry.

Major points in the podcast, include:

  • how organizations can approach improving engagement;
  • why conducting a messaging audit is an important first step;
  • what trends and activities make building engagement particularly challenging; and
  • why partnering with leaders in human resources, marketing, experience and other areas within an organization is essential for nurturing more engaged employees.

Scott Becker, Founder and Publisher of Beckers Healthcare and Beckers Hospital review, echoes Reem’s viewpoint. “Employees and teams within an organization must be engaged in a positive way. All the marketing and branding in the world is of little use if the team itself is not positively engaged.”

Click to listen to the podcast.

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