Becker’s Healthcare podcast features Adams & Knight SVP

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“If employees and colleagues of a health system are not living our brand promise, it will not come through in the brand experience,” states Reem Nouh, SVP at Adams & Knight. “It’s very critical that we build brands from the inside out.”

In a recent episode of Becker’s Healthcare Podcast, a national source of news and information for healthcare decision makers, Reem joined Dave Whitehead, Executive Vice President for Strategy and Transformation at Hartford Healthcare, for a conversation about the importance of building a successful brand and marketing strategy that can be relevant in the context of current issues.

Major points in the podcast include:

  • how organizations can build and establish themselves as a successful brand;
  • the importance of brand promise and brand experience;
  • executing branding and marketing campaigns that resonate during challenging times;
  • important concepts behind effective branding programs.

Click here to listen to podcast.

About Adams & Knight
Adams & Knight is an integrated digital marketing agency dedicated to serving clients that help people live happier, healthier, wealthier lives. The largest woman owned agency in Connecticut, it serves global, national and regional clients in healthcare, financial services and travel/leisure industries.